About Us

We are a cooperation of validation engineers who share the same vision and CSV approach to support the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry.

The creator, Dave Langerveld, has fulfilled many leading QA and CSV functions for all kind of computer systems within different areas of the life science industry.

For references goto https://nl.linkedin.com/in/easygamp

Our Vision

“Making software quality effective by simple and compliant validation”

We belief that the actual quality of the software is delivered by IT and business experts. QA and CSV units can facilitate them best with a simple and compliant CSV approach.

The graph below is based on the formula: Effective Quality = Absolute Quality x Output. When the approach becomes too complicated, the output will be blocked and the effective quality goes down.

Contact Details
Edith Piafstraat 250
6663MA Lent-Nijmegen
E: info@easygamp.eu
M: +31 (0)6 46852725
C.C. (KvK): 64721159